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All Section III and Event Photos Can be Downloaded "PRO-BONO" CONTRIBUTORS/ Sec III Athletics - Eagle News

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            All  Section III High School & Sports photos are  downloadable

                                                    ( "PRO - BONO" )



    To download click on the download symbol. You can download the complete folder or any individual photo.

                                      Pet Photography

Photographing your forever friend is my passion !! True to life pet sessions are in natural light at your home outdoors or in any special location of your choice. The photos will capture the uniqueness and personality of your faithful friend. The images of your beloved pet will be cherished  forever.

                                       The love of your pet is timeless, they are family.

Senior, Rescued pets and pets that have been diagnosed with serious illness have a special consideration with me. Please contact me for information on special sessions. Pet sessions are at the outdoor location of your choice:  Outdoor sessions capture your pet in natural surroundings. These are fun photos of your pet being natural as your forever friend. Digital images of the complete shoot on a full resolution USB flash drive. You then have the ability to print and make your own products at home or online from other suppliers of your choice !!!

Photo session should be enjoyable for you and your pet, in  natural light to capture the personality and a emotion of your pet.

                            Special consideration for senior and rescued pets at all times.

Due To COVID 19 & Social Distancing, I am not booking any sessions until it's safe to do them. ! KEEP SAFE !

        Phone:  315 652 8202      Cell:  315 657 1204

                   Email  halhenty@yahoo.com